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Continuum of Care – Minneapolis-Apple Valley

Substance Use Recovery is a lifelong journey. CREATE offers Continuum of Care services to support for your recovery journey. The most important part of your Recovery Plan is what happens after you finish treatment services. Continuum of Care is a great way to maintain a healthy recovery. These services include:

  • Group Sessions
  • Individual Sessions
  • Mental Health Services
  • Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Community Referrals

Groups meet weekly in the evening hours. 

The Next Step/Opioid Users

This is a step down program for opioid users in recovery who need ongoing support with their recovery, a new beginning to living a balanced lifestyle. The program is 3-6-9  months depending on the individual treatment plan. Group meets one timer per week during the morning with an individual session scheduled weekly.

Group Therapy

Group therapy has a number of advantages when it comes to substance use recovery. CREATE provides group therapy programs that meet once a week to discuss problems related to substance use disorder. This form of counseling is seen to be very beneficial as it provides a safe place for individuals to share experiences and hear feedback from other attendees. CREATE’s group therapies provide organized activities to help aid and comfort individuals. Some activities may include:

  • Relapse Prevention
  • Relationship Skills
  • Nutrition
  • Anger Management
  • Social Skills

Individual Sessions

Individualized sessions with licensed counselors are available to any client receiving Continuum of Care services. With CREATE you would work one on one with your counselor to further implement skills learned in the group sessions or to address issues that are not covered in a group setting. Individual sessions may also be appropriate as a stand alone service. Session appointments are scheduled by the assigned counselor.

To schedule your continued recovery call CREATE at 612-874-9811